About Promeus

Promeus is a retained executive search firm that provides solutions for executive recruitment and selection in the Education, Government, Health Care, Municipal, Public and Not-for-Profit sectors. Our mission is to partner effectively with clients to help improve their organizational performance by delivering outstanding leadership solutions.


As an executive search leader, the Promeus Partners will work with you to define, identify and engage the best leaders for your organization.

Innovative, Fluid and Focused

It takes exceptional approaches to find and onboard exceptional executives. Promeus has earned a reputation for innovative executive search solutions, for being flexible and adaptive to every client’s unique needs and for a precise, sector-specific focus.

The Right Fit

More than having relevant experience, strong educational credentials and appropriate qualifications, today’s executives must fit your organization’s culture, opportunities, challenges and vision. Promeus listens to you and gains an in-depth appreciation and understanding of the complexity of your organization and the unique leadership experience and attributes to achieve the best fit.

Senior Search Professionals

The Promeus team is passionate, dedicated and driven to find and secure the best candidates for your leadership requirements, for today and the future. The search Partners and professionals who work with you bring specialized knowledge, skills and experience within your sector. Promeus and its Partners have successfully identified and placed hundreds of executives in organizations similar to yours. Our specialty areas include:

  • Government & Related Sectors
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Not-for-Profit

Extensive Networks of Leading Candidates

Top candidates, including those not actively on the market or seeking new opportunities, but who have the potential to fit your needs, are identified through far-reaching local, national and international networks, and a variety of confidential channels. Every candidate is expertly assessed and qualified to deliver the critical performance and results you expect.

A Proven Process

Your dedicated search Partner guides your leadership recruitment, supports the identification of the ideal leadership persona and enables you as you make the right choice. Promeus provides onboarding, mentoring and ongoing support for you and your new leadership.

Learn More about the Promeus Approach and how we can help you find the best executives for your organization.

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