Brian Desbiens, Associate

Brian Desbiens has joined Promeus as an Associate, and provides his expertise and knowledge to searches in the college sector. He recently retired after 16+ years as President of Sir Sandford Fleming College and over 35 years in the Ontario college system.

Brian started his career as a counselor/faculty member at St. Clair College and held progressively larger portfolios over his 19 years with the College prior to joining Fleming College in 1988 as President. Brian has a record of commitment to Human Resource Development, strategic planning, Board/Administrative relations, student success, and learning-focused institutional development. He has chaired the Canadian Presidents Network, and the Ontario College Presidents Council, and has been a prime facilitator since the inception of the Presidents’ Academy and the National Executive Leadership Institute (NELI) of ACCC.

Over the years, Brian has provided leadership to the Ontario Colleges Human Resource Development Committee and strategic planning resource development program. He is the Acting Chair of the Board of the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) and also serves on the Minister of Educations Provincial Curriculum Advisory Panel. He is a member of the Advisory Committee and periodically teaches for the Doctoral program in Community College Leadership of OISE/UT. Brian has received the prestigious Lifetime Distinguished Services Award from the Canadian Presidents Network, and received the Minister’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006 from ACAATO (now Colleges Ontario). He is a recognized leader having sat on: the Provincial Secondary School Reform Task Force; the Ontario Governments Smart Growth Strategic Planning Council; the Prime Ministers National Advisory Council on Science and Technology; the national Millennium Scholarship Founding Directorate; The Ontario Research and Education Research and Education Network (ORION); and various other national/provincial/local community bodies. Dr. Desbiens has a doctorate in counseling psychology.